Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How old does my child have to be to play in WCFA? Players eligible must be in grades 1-6, we feel that grade levels is a common ground and gives players the opportunity to play within their grade level. This also prepares them for school sports.
  2. Is football safe for my child at this early of an age? Football is the only sport that has several protective equipment for players. In our years of experience we find that several injuries are not injuries but players upset about their performance rather than hurt. Of course as with any sport there is the possibility of injury. Knowledge and expertise helps prevent injuries, so the more knowledge and experience they have the less chances of injuries.
  3. What equipment will we need? WCFA will provide helmet, shoulder pads, waist and below pads, pants, jerseys and mouth piece. All you need to provide is socks and football cleats. Player protective cups are the sole discretion of the parents or players. Cheer will be provided with cheer top, skirt/short and briefs. Cheer will need to purchase socks and shoes.
  4. Why do we need a physical? The physical is required so that you and your doctor can determine if your child is physically fit to play football.
  5. Why do you charge for playing football? WCFA charges so that we can provide a safe environment for all players and parents. We have replacement and reconditioning of equipment, insurance, warehouse/office space, website up keep, telephone, utilities, new equipment purchase and many expenses to be paid. We have several expenses that are not visible to parents. As with most youth sports we are not supported by any government agency. 
  6. Why do we have to return the equipment at the end of season? Equipment needs to be returned for the next group of players. Replacement cost for equipment is expensive. The cost of membership only pays for maintenance and replacement of defective and missing equipment as mentioned above. Non returned equipment takes away from the next parent/player group. It is unfortunate that some parents take advantage of this. We consider it as another form of stealing and sets a bad example for their child.      
  7. Can we provide our own equipment? Yes but it must be manufacture certified for youth football. Please check with the front office. Also any equipment provided by you will require a waiver to be signed.   
  8. Why do you charge at the games? We charge at games to help pay for several game expenses, facilities, officials, security, equipment rental, fuel,  field equipment and maintenance. Again there are several expenses that are not visible to parents. As with most youth sports we are not supported by any government agencies.
  9. At games you have a no re-entry rule, why? Unfortunately, previous parents have taken advantage of re-entry. In the pass we have had parents/spectators go to their car and consume alcohol, then come back into the game intoxicated.  
  10. Why can't we bring our own food or drinks into the games? Previous parents have caused WCFA to prohibit this, due to parents bringing  alcohol (vodka looks like water), unsanitary products, and outside food being sold in the stands and parking lot. WCFA had no way to check if the food was safe for consumption. We are certified by the county and required by most school districts to be certified to distribute food at our events. This is for your protection. 
  11. Why do your security personal check bags and purses? California law prohibits alcohol, tobacco products, pets and weapons of any type on school facilities. In order to provide a safe environment and up hold the law we instruct our security staff to look for these items. 
  12. Does WCFA require coaches to have a background check? Yes, all coaches must pass a background check provided by a national ranked provider known as 
  13. What experience do your coaches have? We provide coaches with coaches clinics thru several venues (internet webinars, Clinics, tiers levels). Our coaches will general start as an assistant coach, then move up in levels to head coach. Most head coaches have an average of 3 years and up of youth football experience. 
  14. Do you use certified officials? Yes all officials at WCFA events are CIF certified. They usually officiate high school games. Entry levels for officials start at the youth level. WCFA requests only experience officials.       
  15. What is Spring Ball Camp? Spring Ball Camp was designed to give first year players an opportunity to experience tackle football without the competitive factor. It is also great to help develop skills for seasoned players. Recruitment begins in February, and camp begins in late March. We have pioneered youth football in the valley and have several players through out the valley attend our Spring Ball Camp (Bakersfield  to Chowchilla). All games and practices are held on Saturdays only. There are no activities held during the weekdays. 
  16. What is Regular Season? Regular season recruitment begins in June and starts in August. It consist of games played form August thru October with playoff and Championship games played there after.    
  17. How long has WCFA been around? WCFA was first formed in 1998 as the Northwest Ravens, eventually adding the Northwest Falcons due to enrollment demands. We also incorporated CUSD youth football for a couple of years. After listening to parents and players we created the first under 9 year old tackle football program in the San Joaquin Valley. In an era where the thought of under 9 year old tackle football was unthinkable,  we demonstrated that the first under 9 football program succeeded and now has become the norm. Adult Tackle football also had a calling in the valley. The Fresno Bandits proved that with there appearance in Fresno. The only factor missing was the opportunity to let more players play. After studying and recruiting players WCFA adult tackle football was formed. WCFA was the first adult tackle football league based in the San Joaquin Valley. Teams were formed in Bakersfield, Lemoore, Reedley, Clovis, Merced, Fresno (2), and Madera. After seven years of adult and youth football we decided to return and concentrate solely on the youth division and carry the name West Coast Football Association. Over the years we have help produce several top players through out the San Joaquin Valley. Players from Clovis Unified, Central Unified, Fresno Unified, Washington Union and Madera Unified School Districts have played in the WCFA. Many have gone on to perform in starting positions for their respective teams and have appeared in the Fresno Bee All Star teams. These same players have performed in several Fresno City/County High School All Star games. WCFA believes to be the innovator for youth football in the San Joaquin Valley. One of our newest accomplishment is Spring Ball, currently the only program to offer full youth tackle football during the months of March thru May in the valley. It has proven to fill a void in youth football. Our mission to keep providing a viable football program for the youth and future adults of the San Joaquin Valley shall continue in the years to come. WCFA is proud to see the success of our former players in becoming productive adults.   
  18. more to come..............