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 Westside Panthers parents, 

  • One of the assets to any sports program is a solid leadership foundation. It must project a positive image to the players, parents, the community it represents as well as presenting itself in a positive manner to outside organizations. Upon the inception of Westside Panthers, the leadership assured us that they would oblige by all WCFA rules and regulations. They presented the organization as a God loving and “we are in it for the players” program. Unfortunately that has not been the case. In the past several weeks the leadership has avoided league requirements and has created an “us against them atmosphere” within the Westside Panthers. The leadership as well as coach’s, are using profanity at every level. We have had numerous complaints regarding the representation of the leadership of the Westside Panthers and the cursing laced language that is being used by its leadership.  
  • Some of the requirements at WCFA is for each team to have insurance coverage and background checks on all coaches and staff members. We have given Westside Panthers several deadlines and have extended the deadline on several occasions. As of today they still have not supplied any background checks or additional endorsement insurance coverage to the league. Westside Panthers parents need to address this with their leadership. Parents need to ask “Are we covered or do we even have insurance and why haven't we done the background checks?” 
  • WCFA also requires all coaches and staff to be in team uniforms and carry team ID badges at all WCFA events. This has not been implemented by the leadership of Westside Panthers. When coaches or parents approach the front gates the hosting team cannot tell who is a coach and who is a parent. When questioned at the front gate the hosting staff gets a cursed laced response. We have asked Westside Panthers leadership to please correct this on several occasions. As of today they have not corrected this issue. 
  • WCFA provides a profit sharing opportunity for each program by participating and representing their team at the Fresno carnival. Westside Panthers leadership was to provide the hotdogs, hamburgers and hot links at the carnival. They had volunteered and assured the league they would take care of this. Unfortunately they did not fulfill their commitment and because of the actions of the Westside Panthers leadership they were excluded from the profit sharing opportunity. These funds could have been used to outfit the staff and coaches. Parents need to ask “Why didn’t we take advantage of the opportunity to utilize these funds”?  
  • The senior game between the Westside Panthers and Northwest Ravens was the straw that broke the camels back. Westside Panthers coaches and leadership was cursing, belittling, and making violent threatening remarks to the officials during the whole game. After the half and towards the ending of the third quarter the officials had already penalized the coaching staff of Westside Panthers several times. The officials had asked the Westside Panthers leadership to please control their coaching staff. Because of the constant verbalization towards the officials and bench/sideline clearing, the officials called the game with a score of Ravens 26 Panthers 6. During the whole game the opposing side line and parents could hear the profanity laced comments from the Westside Panthers coaching staff the entire game. How much of this negative representation should an official take? The Westside Panthers represented their organization as God loving, but we don’t believe that type of representation is God loving. 
  • The result of these tantrums from Westside Panthers coaches and their leadership was a letter from the officiating organization addressed to WCFA and its affiliated teams that they would no longer officiate any of Westside Panthers home or away games. This is unheard of for any program to be banned from the officiating organization. Parents need to ask “Why did the coaching staff get out of hand to the point that the officials will no longer officiate their games?” The leadership actions presented that day only affected the players and parents. You must ask: WHY? 
  • Once the official’s letter was presented to WCFA teams and affiliated programs, teams decided not to play the Westside Panthers teams. There is a total of 8 teams and all teams refused to play Westside Panthers. Again it is unheard of for a team to be banned. Teams will not associate with teams that have this ban. Parents need to ask “Why did the leadership take it that far with the officials? And also is this the leadership representation Westside Panthers parents and players want? 
  • On Sunday August 23, WCFA received two calls from other local football organizations informing us that the same leadership of the current Westside Panthers was banned from their leagues in the previous years. The information given to us by both leagues assured us that the right decision was made on behalf of WCFA teams and its affiliated teams. As pastor John said in his sermon “If the problem follows you then you must look within yourself to see if you are the one causing the problem“. 
  • Westside Panthers leadership is currently on a campaign of false and exaggerated smoke filled accusations. They are currently targeting an individual in their campaign. What Westside Panthers leadership has not mentioned is that the individual they are targeting has supplied 50% of the shoulder pads and helmets for the Westside Panthers program. He also supplied all the field equipment for their home game. But the biggest misconception is that he voted Westside Panthers out of the league. As with any sports organization the commissioner has no voting rights. That is each president’s decision and the commissioner is only the enforcer and messenger of the president’s decisions. WCFA would like to remind the Westside Panthers of an old adage “Treat others as you would want to be treated”.