Spring Ball, How does it work?


How does it work?

 West Coast Football Association Spring Ball was created to serve first year as well as seasoned players and cheerleaders in grades 1 to 6. Players and Cheer can now get the opportunity to participate and play organized tackle football with an implemented play time guaranteed for each game. This is a 6 weekend camp with the first 2 weekends (Saturdays) of practice. Games and practice are then played on the remaining Saturdays (4 weekends). NO Monday thru Friday practice. No player or cheer will be denied an opportunity to play. Players/Cheer must register and pay a membership fee of $100.00 to join the program. WCFA will supply all equipment needed for Spring Ball except for socks and football cleats. Equipment must then be returned at the end of the season. Players will receive a participation award to keep and cherish (voluntary exit of the program will forfeit any membership fee's and awards). All games will be played in Fresno. Game times are usually Saturday in the afternoons 2 pm or later. Season begins late March and finishes in May. General Admission will be charged at the gates for weekend game days. Games are full tackle, 4 quarters (8 minute running clock per quarter). First 2 Practices are generally 2-3 hours. Practice before games are generally one and a half hours before game time. All games and practices are on Saturdays only. Every player will get play time during each game of Spring Ball (*guaranteed play time).
*Note: This rule does not guarantee play time for discipline, medical or safety issues.
WCFA believes in promoting good sportsmanship by having parents, players and coaches sign a code of conduct contract. We believe that parents should play a big part in their child’s triumphs and miscues. 

Documents must be turned in at time of sign up:

School record of grade attending (Original, no copies)
Physical (must be good thru May)
Player registration contract
Proof of medical insurance (copy)
Membership fee $100.00 (online payment available)
Football Cleats (all rubber sole)
West Coast Football Association Youth Football does not endorse or supply any product because of name brand or supplier. If you would like to provide addition protection or equipment please check with coaches for any rules or regulations on equipment. All equipment must be manufactured for youth tackle football.  


Online registration click here and register at the pay now